Tuesday, 12 December 2017

2018 Travel Deals Now!

Holiday Travel 2018 To Book For!

OK I know you know but I must remember to tell you before I forget to remember - the dark blue type like this http://www.titantravel.co.uk/  is the one to hit so that you can get the OFFER soon to expire! Or go right and hit the PIC! and book online now!

So I'm going to get straight down to business as I know you are busy dreaming of what you can spend your savings on. Remember the dark blue print!

Titan Travel Planning

Highlights of Australia
This is a 19 day deal from only £4099 to Australia travelling to Sydney, Melbourne. Uluru, Perth and The Great Barrier Reef. You can book now to get these savings in January! Oh by the way this is Suntan Lotion Season!

Sensational South Africa
A 14 day trip from only £2599 to South Africa covering Kruger Park, Garden Route and the place with the flat mountain, Cape Town. You need to hit Table Mountain. It is spectacular. I don't know if it is still possible, but I walked up Table Mountain through Gardens and it was absolutely delightful! and tiring!
If you're playing golf at Kruger beware of the elephant footprint bunkers - genuine!

Images of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
This is a 22 day holiday from only £3349 to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. This is one of those holidays that you want to go on but always put off! It's worth the look, so hit the dark blue! (PS think of the whisky you can buy with the savings)

Grand Tour of Asia
16 Stunning days travelling Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok. This holiday costs only £2999. I enjoy the East. It is different to the western culture with different ways of doing things. It is fascinating. We can learn from The East.
One journey to Hong Kong I went to the Revolving Restaurant, at night. The site was spectacular. I believe it is closed now!!!

Now to the serious stuff. 
All the above are arranged by Titan Travel. http://www.titantravel.co.uk/
Ok so you know - just a reminder. Titan is ATOL licensed and ABTA protected and as a result offer the highest level of financial protection to their customers! Important!
You can check out the site for the latest Travel updates, visa requirements etc. It's all there.

Did you know? Titan offer a door-to-door service? No worries about airport parking! WOW I love that!. Another worry off your mind!

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