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What to do in Sorrento in 72 Hours?

Your next Best Holiday Destination  - Sorrento

Spending your holidays in Italy or choosing Italy as your next travel destination might be daunting, but here’s the thing: Sorrento is a small town and you can cover most of it in 72 hours.
Still not sure how to do that? Pick up a pen and a paper and start jotting down the following in your itinerary.

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Marina Grande Harbour

Day 1 – Cover major attractions

Sorrento teems with historical and architectural marvels. Start your day by strolling around the historical district of Sorrento. As you wind through the snaking streets of the district, be sure to stop every now and then at the popular attractions such as the Duomo of Sorrento, the Church and Cloister of San Francesco, the Basilica of Sant’Antonino, the Sedile Dominova, and the never-getting-old Marina Grande Harbour.
After you’ve exhausted yourself by visiting all of these attractions, have delectable Italian cuisines at Porta Marina Seafood or Ristorante Bagni Delfino. Both of these are located near the Grande Harbour.

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Day 2 – Explore the museums

Start your day by visiting Museobottega della Tarsialignea at around 11 am. You cannot start off before this because the museums generally open at 10 am. Once you’re done with this one, the next museums to visit are Correale di Terranova, Torrerosse Sorrento, Villa FOndi, Marcello Aversa Studio d’Arte, Gallery Raffaele Celentano, Wonderwall Art Gallery, Mastellone Giuseppe Inlaidwood, Art and Craft Gallery, Museo Mineralogico Campano, and Galleria Celentano.  
Of course, if you cannot cover them in a day, spare some for the third day.


Day 3 – Explore the local shopping scene

The main shopping street in Sorrento is the Corso Italia. However, you can also explore the bustling markets and streets such as Lagro Padre Reginaldo Guiana, Via Degli Archi, and Via Santa Maria de Grazie.
The things you can buy can range from leather goods to anything you want.

Although Sorrento is a small friendly town, it still offers a lot. Start with following this guide and also think about your own additions. After all, it’s your trip, make it large – this is how any Italy travel or Italy holidays should be.

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